Why doesn’t anybody tell you?

We are often reminded by our clients that nobody teaches the importance of feet to their overall wellbeing. Unlike our teeth we are not taught how to look after feet; what signs to look out for or if something’s not right.  Therefore, when we first see clients, they’ve often needed therapy for quite some time, unaware that clinically proven techniques are available to help them.

One of our new clients, Kaye, came to see us after noticing a bruised big toenail a couple of days after a long walk:

“I’ve always walked because I have dogs. I also enjoy walking longer distances whilst away on holiday without dogs. So a 10k sponsored walk wasn’t a big stretch for me, although further than I’d walked in a while. The next day the only parts of me that were suffering were my two big toes!  I didn’t think any more about it, until a couple of days later I noticed that the big toe nail on the left was half black.

I spoke to Firoz and he suggested I book an appointment – he was more concerned than I was at the time, and with good reason.

After a consultation and gait analysis, it became obvious that I would benefit from orthotics in my shoes to correct my foot posture.  The bruised toenail was the clear warning sign. 

I must say, the whole experience was very gentle and enjoyable – and especially Anamaria’s foot massage and mobilisation. 

Since wearing  the orthotics, I have noticed that my left knee doesn’t ‘niggle’ any more, which was also affecting my right hip, and occasionally my back – I hadn’t considered that the root cause could be my feet.

Why doesn’t anybody tell you?  We’re told to look after our teeth, obviously, but we don’t know how to take care of our feet; we take them for granted.”

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