We cover all foot care related requirements. Contact us for more information.
Medical Footcare

Our sessions cover fungal nail infections, thickened or misshapen nails, athletes foot, corns, callouses, sweaty feet, blisters and other general foot disorders.

Cosmetic Footcare

We offer several innovative foot care options for those seeking cosmetic foot treatments as well as those that simply want a pampered pedicure session.

Gait & Posture

This treatment session focuses on soft tissue and musculoskeletal problems in the feet, ankles, legs, knees or other parts of the lower limb.

Nail Cutting

Designed for the elderly and those who have difficulty reaching or managing their own toenails but are otherwise in good health.

Therapeutic Footwear

We offer a wide range of footwear services for your whole family ensuring your foot size, shape, medical needs and activity needs are considered

Nail Surgery

We can carry out most minor operations here at the centre under safe and sterile conditions.

Nail Bracing

Similar to teeth bracing except the brace is applied to a toenail. It is used for the treatment of ingrown toenails resulting from misshapen nails.

Ingrown Toenails

Perhaps one of the most common conditions we come across. Seemingly simple it can lead to severe pain and disability if not treated properly.


Swift Medical Microwave is a quick and safe way of treating a variety of skin growths and infections eg verrucas.
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Verrucas can be very painful but the good news is we have a wide range of ways of treating this problem.

Shockwave Therapy

A proven technique for treating chronic joint, ligament and tendon injuries.

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