Time to Give Your Feet a Treat

We’re often asked by clients what our hygienist pedicure services involve.

Firstly, they are delivered expertly by our lovely Ana Maria, now a qualified Foot Health Practitioner.

And they make ideal gifts for yourself, or a loved one during the season of goodwill.

Here’s a quick guide to them (email us, and we can send you a more detailed information sheet).

Hygienist Services

Our Hygienist Footcare services are designed for those who have foot fungus, painful corns and callous and who require more focus on the medical side of footcare.

We begin with a medical cleanse using a specially formulated solution. The nails will be cut and shaped, and for those who have several deformed or thickened nails, we will use a special nail drill to restore nail shape. Any hard skin and corns are carefully and skilfully removed. The feet are then smoothed using a dry foot file followed by a gentle moisturising foot massage. Time permitting if nail polish is desired, this can be applied at this stage.

Hygienist Pedicure Services

Our signature pedicure includes all the usual features you would expect from a pedicure using clinically clean standards and sterile instruments. The therapy will start with a warm foot soak, nail cut and shape and trimming of cuticles if required. The soles of your feet are scrubbed and buffed, and after another soak, you receive an exfoliating foot massage. If you have any corns or callouses, these will be treated using a sterile surgical blade removal technique. The session will end with a Nail Polish or Shellac of your choice if required.

The outcome is often the same – your feet are left feeling relaxed and on top of the world.

Prices start at ONLY £35 and many other services are available.

Gift vouchers available or why not treat yourself, because you’re worth it.

Thanks for reading and on behalf of everyone at the Foot Comfort Centre we wish all the readers of this publication a happy and peaceful festive period Firoz


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