Getting People Back on Their Feet – Literally

We are always delighted to hear when our patients report that pain they have been experiencing has dramatically reduced following treatment.

And it’s great to see that a recently introduced Neuro Electro Stimulation Therapy which works by stimulating nerves and releasing pain-relieving endorphins into the bloodstream, is proving such a success.

But don’t just take our word for it. Michael Devereux came to us in July 2019. He was on long term sick leave as a result of chronic heel pain. He was in a significant amount of distress and practically unable to walk.

Here’s his story.

“I’m a surveyor and continuously on my feet and can often do 20,000 steps a day.

“When I was struck down with the pain in my heel, it was agony. I tried lots of different treatments with no success, and then someone said to me to see a Foot Specialist.

“I visited Firoz, and he spotted that I’d been misdiagnosed and suspected that I was suffering from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

“Following Firoz’s advice on how to treat it with ice baths, rest, orthotics, and using the nerve stimulation device, I felt a positive difference.

“The pain has subsided considerably. It used to be at 8 out of 10 but now it is around 2 out of 10. “I’m even going back to work soon and am very grateful to Firoz and the Foot Comfort Centre.”

Neurostimulation Therapy can make a huge difference to relieve long-standing pain.

Please get in contact with us to discover more about treatments and services we have for foot and ankle injuries and conditions.

When it comes to pain, just like Michael you don’t have to suffer in silence.

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