Something To Look Forward To

Greeting, salaam, shalom and namaste to you and all. I trust you’re safe, well and in good spirits.

As the cold, wet, wintry months arrive, I’d like to make what I hope to be a heartwarming announcement.

Since opening in September 1997, we are now in our 24th year of service. I would like to mark this anniversary by launching the ‘Foot Comfort Centre Pro Bono Program’.

It’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ and give back to the community who has granted us their patronage and remained supportive and loyal during our years of service. 

All requests will follow a formal application process setting out the ‘special circumstances’ for consideration by a panel of 4 judges. Successful applicants will receive a free specialist consultation followed by treatment planning and partly or fully funded treatment with us depending on their circumstances, needs and evaluation outcome. 

Although affordability and difficulty in accessing care are some of the factors which will be taken into consideration, the Program is primarily intended for anyone who has been suffering for many years, having tried other treatments and simply requires a fresh approach. To learn more about this service or register your interest, please visit our website.

We hope to begin the programme in January 2021 offering one place a month and grow the number of patients in the coming years.


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