A Safe & Healthy Festive Season

Greeting, salaam, shalom and namaste to you and all. I trust you’re safe, well and in good spirits.

At the time of writing this article, we are in lockdown 2.0 and it seems uncertain where we will be in December. I hope the month of lockdown is enough to bring us out of this challenging period and we can share the festive period with more of our loved ones, rather than locked in and alone. 

At Foot Comfort Centre, we have withdrawn non-essential services, but our doors will remain open whilst we continue to provide essential and emergency foot and ankle care and maintain our enhanced COVID-19 safe protocols.

During this challenging time remember to eat healthily and take your daily walks in safety with comfortable footwear and, now that winter is upon us, in warm clothing and head covering.

For those of you who are shielding but still in need of advice and care, remember that we continue to provide FREE telephone consultations and advice to anyone who needs it.

For those of you suffering from foot and ankle pain or need attention for any of the range of conditions we treat, we remain at your service.

I hope you have a peaceful and enjoyable festive period and remain safe and healthy,


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