New Year, New You, New Shoes?

Firstly, may I take this opportunity to wish all our clients, and readers of this publication a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

This will be the 21st year the Foot Comfort Centre has been looking after the feet and ankles of people across Brent and Harrow.

And we’ve resolved to make it our best year yet.

Talking of resolutions many of us take the opportunity at this time of year to re-evaluate our lives, especially our health.

You may even be thinking about getting more active and taking more exercise.

Good idea, but have you thought about the footwear you’ll be wearing as you bound into these new activities?

Some of the most common foot and ankle issues / injuries I see come from people working out in footwear not fit for purpose.

Those apparently all singing and dancing trainers with the three-figure price tag might not be the best option to help you stride forward in the bid to be a healthier you.

It’s important to remember that different activities require different types of footwear.

Running shoes are not best suited if you intend to do a lot of cross training, and good walking shoes are very different from an ordinary pair of everyday trainers.   

At the Foot Comfort Centre, we have a service which will put you on the right track if getting fit is one of your goals for the new year.

This service is the equivalent of a MOT for your car, or a dental check-up.

For just £33.00 we examine your feet, nails toes and ankles. We’ll also look at your posture and the way you walk and discuss your health history, occupation, the activities you do (or are intending to take up) and look at your footwear and advise accordingly.

Your feet and ankles are important – so why not make a resolution to look after them well?

Here’s to a happy, prosperous and healthy 2019. 


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