Let’s all safely welcome in 2021

Greeting, salaam, shalom and namaste to you and all. I trust you’re safe, well and in good spirits.

I hope you all had a safe and healthy Christmas and let us hope the New Year brings us better tidings and an end to this Covid-19 pandemic.

From previous articles, we announced our Covid Rapid Antibody testing service. A negative antibody test confirms that you have never been infected and a positive confirms that you had Covid-19 and recovered from it.

We are now able to offer COVID PCR Swab tests with results in 24 hours. This tests for the presence of the virus now and will tell you if you actually currently have the infection or not. 

January is likely to be a challenging month and Public Health England is expecting a rise in infection rates following the relaxation during December and large scale population migration nationally.

Our COVID PCR Swab tests will allow those returning to work, wishing to travel or having returned from
travel the opportunity to get tested locally.

For more information, pricing or to book an appointment please contact us.

Meantime during this challenging time, remember to eat healthily and take your daily walks in safety with comfortable footwear, with a head covering to keep warm.

For those of you suffering from foot and ankle pain or need attention for any of the range of condition we treat, we remain at your service. We will continue to provide free telephone consultations and advice to anyone who needs it, 


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