Anamaria Feher

Hygienist, Foot Health Practitioner, Reflexologist, Pain Relief Therapist, Pedicure Therapist.

Anamaria supports the work of our specialists by providing hygienist and foot care services as well as carrying out a range of complementary therapies independently in her own right including Reflexology, Pain Relief therapy using Electrostimulation and Pediq Medical Nail Reconstruction to name a few.

Anamaria initially trained and qualified in pain relief therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage in 2006. Anamaria followed this up by joining and Beauty school and qualified AS A hairstylist, barber, manicurist and pedicurist in 2010. Enthusiastic in developing further skills in alterative and holistic healthcare Anamaria joined our Centre in 2016 as a clinical assistant and began providing ‘medical pedicures’. She immediately began her healthcare training programmes and qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner in 2017, Shockwave training (2017), Iontophoresis (electrotherapy for hyperhidrosis (2017), Pediq Nail Reconstruction (2018), Lacuna Antifungal Therapy (2018) and Pain Relief therapy using Electrostimulation (2019).

Anamaria shares our passion to provide a high quality of care and you will find the experience of her therapy session, both helpful in addressing your needs and relaxing, mentally and physically.

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