What Price Being Pain Free?

Cost versus Value

Whenever someone comes to our centre suffering from a foot or ankle issue the first thing we do is carry out a full assessment. Once that’s complete we’re in a position to advise the client on what options are available to them. I’ve lost count of the number of times people have came to us having had years of treatment but still unaware there are other treatment options available.

For example we frequently see clients who have been suffering with an ingrown toenail for many years and receiving local foot care to ‘maintain comfort’. This is a quick fix which costs £35 but it provides only short term relief and often requires upwards of 4-5 treatments annually. Since this does not deal with the underlying cause, for example a misshapen nail, treatment continues for years or even a lifetime.

£200 Compared to £600

However, there is a minor surgical procedure available at our centre which can cure the problem forever! This costs around £200, is a permanent cure and a one off cost compared to £120 a year over several years.  If this went on for five years the ‘short term’ treatment would rack up to £600. Perhaps more importantly it’s about the pain and discomfort that recurring conditions can bring, especially when there is something long term that can be done to cure it immediately.

There are many issues we deal with where permanent or longer terms solutions are available. Sometimes these are as simple as advice on which shoes to wear and when.

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