Stepping Comfortably Into The New School Year

As a father of three daughters September has always been a busy time of year for our family.

It’s a period in the calendar which is often accompanied by the buying of new shoes for the new school year ahead.

Below I’ve included some tips on buying comfortable school shoes and general foot care advice to keep your loved ones feet and ankles healthy.

Shoes Go to a reputable child shoe fitting shop. We can provide you with a list of local shoes shops free of charge or you can visit the Children’s Foot Health Register at

Always choose correctly fitting shoes which are one thumb nail longer than the foot to allow growth.

Trainers Don’t give in to the temptation of just buying your child what they want because they are fashionable and / or branded. Go for comfort and trainers that are designed for the sport your child may be using them for.

Nail Care Ensure your child’s nails are regularly cut following the shape of the end of the toe. This will avoid ingrown toenails a common condition we see when school starts. Well fitting shoes will also avoid nail problems by reducing trauma associated with tight shoes.

Verruca A common back to school infection acquired in changing rooms or swimming pools. Home treatments can help and are a good first aid measure. Although use with caution and follow instructions as they have acid and can cause burns if used inappropriately.

Athletes Foot A common infection caused by fungus especially in young, active boys. Good foot hygiene, drying well between toes, using cotton socks which are changed frequently and foot deodorizers and antiperspirants can help. If this does not settle it or any of the issues above come in and see us.

After all you want your children thinking about their education not worrying about their feet.

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