Ingrown Toe Nails Help & Advice is on Hand

I’ve written in the past about what’s probably the most common issue we’re presented with at the centre – Ingrown toe nails.

The good news is this uncomfortable and often very painful condition can be treated easily, effectively and in many cases permanently.

And due to public interest and demand we’ve created a new guide to make people aware of the options they have when it comes to the treatment of their ingrown toe nails.

It’s free and you can request a  digital copy to be sent to you simply by emailing:

Below are some edited sections from the guide which people are already finding very useful.

Causes of Ingrown toe nails

There are several reasons why you may develop an ingrown toenail. These include excessive nail curvature, trauma, nail plate problems and even improper pedicure or nail care treatment.

Treatment Options

There are several things that you can try at home to relieve your symptoms.

These include careful and regular cutting and filing, applying olive oil down the side of the nail to soften surrounding skin and wearing proper fitting shoes.

You can also bathe feet in warm salt water daily, applying gauze to create a barrier between the nail and skin.

However, most patients benefit enormously from professional care to ensure comfort and if caught early we can preserve or restore a healthy nail appearance and structure.

We offer professional services including nail bracing, pedicure and when necessary, surgery.

The benefit of using a medical expert is that you have peace of mind, full access to all available options and permanent cures to the problem. Our full guide covers all treatment and care options in much  more detail.

When it comes to ingrown toe nails there is no reason you should, or indeed need to, suffer in silence any longer.
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