These ‘Feet’ are made for walking

Greetings, salaam, shalom and namaste to you and all. I trust you’re safe, well and in good spirits.

To most of us, walking is a simple and uncomplicated automatic daily activity. ‘Simple and uncomplicated’, couldn’t be further from the truth. Walking is a complex symphony of brain, musculoskeletal, neurovascular, and environmental factors that come together to allow us to move gracefully, freely, and painlessly.

Changes to any of these will impact our movement and comfort, from affecting our walking style to something less obvious such as joint or soft tissue damage leading to a variety of painful foot, ankle, leg, knee and even back conditions. 

Identifying the specific underlying cause is key to making a diagnosis and finding a suitable solution. Our Gait & Posture Service does exactly that and begins with a detailed history. Following a physical evaluation of your whole lower limb, we will study your foot posture and walking style, carry out a foot scan pedograph and video gait analysis.

This will help us make a diagnosis and offer you one or more of the following:

  1. Some advice on rehab, change of footwear, or other self-care options including any immediate treatment that can be given on the day.
  2. Foot orthoses – These correct foot and ankle posture and we have our own in-house orthotics laboratory.
  3. Specialist therapies such as mobilisation, ultrasound, shockwave, neuromodulation, electrotherapy etc.
  4. Identifying issues that may require specialist surgical or nonsurgical management.

Walking is a healthy activity, and we want to help you continue walking painlessly. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Thanks for reading and on behalf of everyone at the Foot Comfort Centre we wish all the readers of this publication, happy walking, Merry Christmas and New Year.

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