How we are handling COVID-19 Crisis?

In order to support the social distancing policy, we closed during the first round of the ‘lockdown’ on 28th March 2020, for 3 weeks.

At the same time, we appreciate it is important to remain comfortable to maintain your daily exercise, for key workers to perform their valuable duties and to receive essential treatment which may lead to more serious conditions.

Therefore we will reopen on 20th April 2020 to treat ‘key workers’, those with painful foot conditions and clinical emergencies.

We have set up additional measures to protect staff and patients as follows:

  1. We will triage staff and patients for COVID symptoms using an infrared thermometer and make available masks and hand gel for use by everyone.
  2. The therapist will be wearing PPE which includes a disposable face mask, face shield and apron.
  3. The clinic will only be manned by the therapist on duty to reduce social contact.
  4. We will create a 15-30 minute gap between each patient to ensure they do not meet and avoid any waiting time.
  5. During treatments, we will continue to follow our high clinical standard of care, cleanliness and cross-infection policies. As we have always done, treatments will be carried out using medically sterile instruments and wherever possible use of single-use disposable consumables.
  6. We will take card payments and encourage contactless mobile device payment methods.
  7. If you do not fall into these treatment eligibility categories, we will remain available to provide you remote telephone or video consultation FREE of CHARGE.

Our best wishes to our patients, staff and everyone during this challenging and life-changing period. Be safe, remain at home and stay active.

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