Have you already had COVID-19?

Rapid antibody test for COVID-19 now available at our centre

Results while you wait in 10 minutes.
Safe and CE-IVD certified.

Have you been wondering if those flu/cold-like symptoms you had were Covid-19? Or maybe you’re simply curious to know if you’ve had the infection.

We are now offering Rapid Antibody Testing using the SGTi-flex COVID-19 IgM/IgG test, recognised as one of the most reliable rapid antibody tests available and has been officially validated by several worldwide research institutions.

There are two modes of testing for the Covid-19:

  1. A test to see if someone currently has the infection. This checks for the presence of the virus using a swab from the mouth and nose.

  2. A test to see if someone has already had the infection and recovered from it. This checks someone’s blood for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies. If antibodies are present, this proves that the person has already had the virus, even if they didn’t have the recognised symptoms. This can be done by taking blood from a vein and sending to a laboratory, or by taking a droplet of blood from a pinprick on a finger and applying it to a test cartridge (similar to a pregnancy test).

Laboratory antibody test results have an average wait time of 2 days and can cost upwards of £75, with some institutions in London
charging more.

Our walk-in service for Rapid Antibody Testing involves a pinprick to your finger and provides you with a written report of your test results in 10 min.

Ask a member of our team for more information.

020 8908 1425 help@footcomfortcentre.co.uk
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