Common Running Injuries…

Greetings, salaam, shalom and namaste to you and all. I trust you’re safe, well and in good spirits.

Most runners will find themselves side-lined with a foot problem at some point. Anything from a simple blister to a more complex stress fracture can put a halt to training plans. Most running injuries affect the lower body and may include the ankles, legs, knees, hips and groin. 

However, feet seem to take a significant hit because they take 3 times body weight when running compared to walking. If you overtrain, ignore pain, or neglect preparation, the repeated stress over time may cause a range of foot problems including blisters, toenail damage or any of these: 

Plantar Fasciitis A painful condition that causes inflammation of the plantar fascia.

Stress Fractures A fatigue-induced bone fracture.

Metatarsalgia A painful irritation of the tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints at the balls of feet.

Morton’s Neuroma Inflammation of a nerve in the ball of the foot made worse with poor footwear.

Hallux Rigidus A painful stiffening of the big toe joint.

Whatever your needs, at the Foot Comfort Centre we pride ourselves on providing an ethical and directed service, focussed on providing you with a full range of options. These will include self-care, help we can provide and help you can acquire elsewhere, allowing you to understand your condition fully and make an informed choice.

Thanks for reading and on behalf of everyone at the Foot Comfort Centre we wish you happy running,


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