20 Years and Counting

A lot happened back in 1997.

  • The biggest story was the tragic death of Princess Diana in August.
  • Tony Blair came to power when  the Labour party won May’s General Election.
  • Manchester United comfortably won the Premier League title.
  • Candle in the Wind 1997, Elton John’s tribute to Princess Diana was by far the biggest selling song.
  • An unknown writer called J K Rowling released a debut book about a bespectacled boy wizard called Harry Potter.
  • And in other news my wife, Jo, and I got married and the Foot Comfort Centre opened in September in 130 Lllanover Road as a full-time practice.


This was after working 5 years part-time (and working for the NHS between 1988-1997) in the living room of our then home in 128 Llanover Road, Wembley, next door to what is now the Foot Comfort Centre.

A lot has happened in those twenty years. The World has changed so much that it’s barely recognisable. Over that time Jo and I have welcomed three beautiful daughters to the World with my eldest going to university last month.

We’re planning to hold several events and special offers over the next twelve months culminating in an open day event at the centre.

We’re also working on creating a competition which will encourage children and young people to look after their feet and educate them how to do it.

It’s been such a pleasure and privilege to have served thousands of local people over the past two decades and it’s something we never take for granted.

We’re excited about the future and are constantly investing in our team, our equipment, centre and of course our services.

Despite 29 years in practice every day brings a challenge and I get as much fulfilment out of looking after people’s feet and ankles today as I did way back in 1997.

Thanks for reading,


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