Walking is Man’s Best Medicine

Some days ago I wondered how to I can write an article to welcome in the New Year whilst at the same time setting out some simple, concise and effective advice to help change your lives for the better.

As those of you who have graced us with your patrnage know, we place great emphasis on prevention and health education and as we at Foot Comfort Centre always say “If you want to have happy feet, keep yourself active”.

So as luck would have it a friend shared a video with us which really caught our attention and essentially encapsulated what I had to say. The video is called: “23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?” By Mike Evans.

So fantastic a presentation we felt compelled to share with you, our readers and followers.

In Prevention Medicine, the experts always talk about screening programs, good diet, good social network, weight loss, drinking less, good habits………..but what comes first? What makes the biggest different to our health? What works for many different health problems? If exercises is the medicine: What´s the dose? How often? How intense?.

Let´s start with not doing anything to doing something

  • • An hour of exercise a week has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease by almost 50%.
  • • In Japan 1990´s, the Osaka Gas Company conducted a screening study to determine the effect on general health if the workers walk to work. It showed:
    • • 11-20 minutes of daily walk – reduces risk of high blood pressure by 12%
    • • 21 minutes – reduces it by 29%
    • • And any increase in walking by 10 mins – reduce it by 12%

It also demonstrated a reduction in the progression of:

  • • Knee Arthitis by 47%
  • • Demention by 50%
  • • Diabetic by 58%
  • • Post Menopausal women hip fracture by 41%
  • • Anxiaty by 48%
  • • Depresion by 30%
  • • Low the risk of death by 23%

So, to improve your quality simple WALK ½ hour per day – we are not talking about marathons, we are simply taking about walking.

We spend most of our days, couch surfing, sitting at work or sleeping at home……..even when we know this can lead to low fitness and premature death.

Nowadays everyone knows that a patient with obesity combined with no exercises is considers a “person in trouble”. What most people don’t know is that a person with the same weight, but who remains active, will reduce much of the negative consequences of being over-weight even if they don’t lose weight.

Another study in Australia, compared people who don´t watch TV with people who watch 6 hours of TV a day – the study showed that the people who DON’T watch 6 hours of TV live 5 year longer.

But, you might ask yourself: Who watch 6 hours of TV a day ??……well.the average adults in USA watch 5 hours a day of TV. So we can consider watch TV a major factor to our Chronic Obesity Disease.

Walking is man best medicine!

We know that life can be very busy. So can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just 23 ½ hours a day??
Ways to do it:

  • Morning Walking
  • Hang out to play sports with friends
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Stop a station before yours and walk to your destiny
  • Join your local walking group -Brent and Harrow Walk Programme-
  • Surround yourself by active people
  • Consult your foot specialist to be sure that your feet are in right conditions and your shoes are adequate for you so you are sure your walking active will be as efficient as possible.

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