The Finest Medical Footwear is in Foot Comfort Centre

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Once again Foot Comfort Centre has brought the best quality medical footwear directly to our centre in Wembley, with the aim of ensuring that our clients and patients are able to get the best help for their feet´s within their local community.

Dr. Comfort Shoes are specially designed to deliver ultimate comfort for all wearers and to provide for the unique needs of those with foot health concerns because they have been designed to reduce the adverse effects of many foot complications including diabetes.

Features and Benefits

1- Half sizes and up to four width fittings

2- Extra width and depth in the toe box to help prevent pressure on swollen feet

3- Superior quality gel plus insert gives additional comfort, stability and support. Gel metatarsal and heel pads provide extra comfort.

4- Finest quality top grain leather finished with hight-style external stitching, shapes to the foot for improved comfort.

5- Non-skid hard wearing outsole for better traction support.

6- Padded leather lining reduces friction and improves fit whilst keeping feet cool and dry.

Dr.Comfort Logo


Dr. Comfort has a wide range of styles for Ladies and Men. Different styles in the finest quality for all the situations in your life. Summer or Winter, Elegant or Casual, Formal or Athletic, Work or Home Shoes.

Furthermore, you can choose your Dr.Comfort Shoes in a variety of colour options.


Dr.Comfort Shoe are available in an extensive range of sizes and width fittings.

It is extremely important that you wear the correct size and fit to ensure you gain maximum benefit from Dr. Comfort foot wear.

We would like to invite you to visit Foot Comfort Center.


For your peace of mind we offer an unconditional exchange or refund and will match or refund the difference if you find the same or similar product for less anywhere else.

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