Would you like to have happy feet ?

picture2We offer a wide range of services from basic nail cutting, foot hygiene, medical treatment of foot and ankle problems, gait analysis and minor foot surgery. As a family practice we can look after the needs of all your family – this includes babies, toddlers, children, adults and elderly.

When you attend your first appointment we will ask about your history and carry out a full assessment. We will discuss our observations with you and offer a diagnosis. A summary of ALL your treatment options including self care, professional care and surgery will be considered and you will have time to ask questions and decide how to proceed.




Typically your first appointment will be between 30-40 mins although in some cases such as an initial diabetes check up or gait analysis you may be with us for 45-60+ mins. We always try to be patient and relaxed with our clients, taking care not to rush them. When you are ready you may take immediate treatment if appropriate or request a further appointment to suit your circumstances. In some cases all that is required is advice and in other cases you may need to be referred to an alternative therapist or specialist. We will provide a written treatment report to help you consider your options and provide whatever local treatment you need to improve your comfort.

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