Ortho-pods® A revolution for the health of your feet

Once again Foot Comfort Centre is doing its best to find, select and offer you the best products in the market and the latest services and treatments for your foot health.

This season we were determined to impress our patients and clients by adding a new revolutionary product and a definite must have!

Ortho-pods Logo and picsOrtho-pods ® Semi-Custom Thermofoam Foot Orthoses

Nowadays, the use of foot orthoses has grown exponentially. As a consequence and over the past decade a greater understanding and acceptance of foot mechanics has been established.

Foot orthoses have been used to treat foot and other musculoskeletal problems. Traditionally they were bespoke(custom made) devices. However, the use of bespoke (made to measure) foot orthoses can be costly and time consuming and there is growing awareness that most conditions can be dealt with using a well designed prefabricated system.

We have chosen Ortho-pods ® because they offer a cost effective alternative as well as being Anatomically Designed Orthopaedic Foot Orthoses which provide the right proportion of control versus comfort. Ortho-pods ® Semi-Custom Thermofoam Foot Orthoses are so called because they come in a large range of sizes, models and densities and can be heat moulded to adapt them to individual client specifications.

SemiCustom Ortho-pods ® range has been designed using CAD CAM technology by Orthotic-Lab Limited and benefited from the input of Foot Specialists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Rehabilitation Specialists, Engineers and materials specialists.

Ortho-pods ® provide the level of control, support, accuracy and flexibility required to treat a wide rage of foot conditions. Most foot and lower limb conditions are caused by over-pronation or over-supination. Ortho-pods ® foot orthoses control foot function and correct posture, therefore relieving many lower limb conditions including the following :

Heel Pain,  Bunions,  Hip Pain,  Arching Legs,  Metatarsalgia,  Toe Deformities, Achilles Tendonitis, ITB Syndrome,  Arch Pain,  Knee Pain, Shin Splints,  Tired Feet,  Back Pain,  Ankle Pain,  Achilles Tendonitis

So, whether your feet over-pronate, over-supinate or simple require some neutral support, comfort and shock absorption, Ortho-pods ® will control function, correct posture and provide support and relief for your foot and lower limb pain.

ORTHO-POD BLUE NEW Web sizeOrtho-pods ® offer the following features:
- Deep heel cups to cradle your heels, this cushions and absorbs heel impact and shock.
- A intrinsic heel lift (4mm, 6mm) to reduce the tightness of the calf muscle
- 4º medial wedge built in
- Arch area is extended medially to provide a cupping effect around the arch and avoid irritation and strain to this area by an engineered arch cut out to reduce irritation.

In addition to this, Ortho-pods ® offer a wide range of accessories to personalise and optimize your specific needs.

Ortho-pods ® Accessories are the followings:
- Medial Rearfoot Wedges ( Small, Medium, Large in 2º, 4º, 6º)
- Medial Forefoot Wedges (Small, Medium, Large in 2º, 4º, 6º)
- Lateral Forefoot Wedges (Small, Medium, Large in 2º, 4º, 6º)
- Metatarsal Pads, Props and dots

Ortho-pods ® comes in three densities, in two different lengths and in a large range of sizes.Ortho-pods  and accessories

Soft (Green):  Comfort
Firm (Blue):  Comfort and Support
Hard (Red):  Support

Half Length
Full Length

Ortho-pods Size Chart

If you need to convert your shoe-size you can use our international shoe convertor

1. Choose the right density.
2. Choose the right size and trim to fit if
3. Can be heat moulded using a heat gun for
additional conformity and accuracy.
4. Fit to shoe

Ortho-pods fiiting guide

Now that you know a bit more about Ortho-pods®, please, feel free to contact us:
- To ask for more information
- To order your pair of Ortho-pods ®
- To make an appointment for a Gait Analysis & Biomechanical Assessment

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