Natalie Hart tells us about her work experience at FCC

On the week of Monday 29th June 2015 I had the privilege of completing a week’s work experience at the Foot Comfort Centre, 130 Llanover Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 7LT . Under 16’s cannot do NHS work experience, making it very difficult to find a placement in medicine. This fortunately led me to turning to Firoz Hussain at the Foot Comfort Centre, and I was very lucky to be able to complete my work experience placement with the Foot comfort Centre. I saw Calluses, corns, verrucas, fungal infections, bunions, ingrown toenails, dry feet, nail replacement, stress break, among more serious and specific cases. The treatments I witnessed ranged from basic foot-care to surgery, with patients of all different ages, races, and backgrounds. Young children are put at ease, and the staff communicate the entire case with the client, methodically explaining the condition, what caused it, and what the treatment options are. The chiropodist will give their professional opinion, but it is up to the client to choose what treatment works for them without disrupting their daily lifestyle. Natalie HartAs well as learning about different conditions, symptoms, causes, and treatments, I also witnessed how the clinic was run. There are files with medical history on all patients, with new patients filling out a form to give vital information, including contact details if necessary to contact their doctor, allergies, and current medication. All files are confidential and methodically stored. The clinic is kept clean at all times, and all equipment is sterile. I got to sterilize equipment a few times, and this involved spraying it with disinfectant, putting it in an ultrasound machine, then packaging it and putting it in a machine to be heated at over 100° C in very high pressure. As well as foot ailments the Foot Comfort Centre also treats gait and biomechanics, with high – tech equipment in a bio – mechanics lab rather than a treatment room. As well as all the equipment to analyse the patients’ biomechanics, there is also an orthotics laboratory, with all the equipment to make custom or semi – custom orthotics immediately for the client to suit their needs. The Foot Comfort Centre also orders in a range of products for clients to buy, and while this is systematically and organised in a business manner, it isn’t about making profit, it is solely for having something available for the well – informed client should they wish to use it. This includes creams, sprays, pre – made orthotics, and shoes. Appointments are booked in with flexibility for the client, and an automated reminder is sent out shortly before the appointment.
I really enjoyed my work experience at The Foot Comfort Centre under Firoz Hussain’s guidance, and I thank all the staff at The Foot Comfort Centre. I am continuing studying towards medicine, and hope to become a medical practitioner in the future.

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