Introducing our Visiting Service

Providing the highest levels of foot and ankle care to people across North West London has always been our goal and number one priority. But for some people who are housebound or disabled getting to our Wembley clinic is very difficult or on some occasions impossible. Over the last year enquiries for a visiting service have increased. So we decided to do something to help and have launched our new visiting service.

Suhaib Molina, one of our experienced Foot Specialists will be heading up the service and will be assisted by other members of our team.Caring for Elderly

Our service is available to those living in private homes, care homes and we also visit hospitals wards.

The service will cover treatment for a wide range of foot problems including simple nail cutting, corns, callouses, hard skin removal, changing dressings and general check-ups.

Having the clinic as a base means we can ensure that all equipment is sterilised completely and that the patient has access to a wide range of products that may benefit them.

We can also offer foot measurements and bring sample shoes should a patient require specialised or bespoke footwear. 

Expert Service – Fairly Priced  Toe Treatment

The service covers the North West London area and we charge travel time along with our usual clinic rates which are competitive and very fair. 

As a starting point I’d encourage people who feel they or someone they know could benefit from the call out service to contact us.

 We always encourage people to visit the clinic but we understand this is sometimes not possible and that’s why we’re delighted to be able to add this service to our range of care options.

Whatever your foot and ankle issue is we’re here to help.


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