Gentle ways to take care of yourself!

Good Day Everyone!!

We live an era where technology has become an irreplaceable boon to our society. We tend to run errands here and there when our life faces a halt and in between those times we forget that we neglect the delicate care that our body is in need of.Health 1 And when everything is going wrong, the world is screaming for your attention and you just don’t have time – the last thing you need to hear is to “just take a day off”. Here are some stress busters or some ways to relieve yourself when you’re pressed for time and energy.


• Get enough sleep
• Drink tea
• Listen to your favourite music
• Eat healthy and green food
• Take 5 minutes in the morning to just stretch and breathe
• Walk everywhere
• Take 5-minute mini-breaks every hour
• Break your self-care habits into smaller tasks and do one each day
• Make a plan of everything that needs to be done
• Make sure you keep in touch with your friends
• Surround yourself with inspiring photos
• Make room for rest
• Take a run or a long walkHealth 2
• Keep track of your achievements
• Wear your pretty clothes
• Go to yoga class
• Take a hot bath
• Take the last evening off
• Keep a tidy workspace
• Create some routines
• Take the weekends completely off
• Get more sunlight
• Take your vitamins
• Eat fresh fruit and vegetables
• Meditate in the mornin

We wish you the best in your life and hope you achieve everything you desire!

FCC Team

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