Foot Comfort Centre now ranks top on the Runners World injury Clinics List for London

The way our body moves plays an important part in how we function and what injuries we experience. Consequently understanding this will help you deal effectively with your injury and more importantly prevent it.runner's world At our centre we offer biomechanical assessment, video gait analysis and foot scan pedograph. The assessment will take about one hour and includes any local treatment, full treatment report as well as advise at no further cost.
Although we are able to provide semi-custom as well as custom foot orthoses (made onsite in our in-house laboratory) we prefer to work on your rehab, training and footwear as the first line approach – we have found that arming a client with skills and techniques that can help him recover and stay healthy is the preferred option. So if you are nervous about seeing someone because you don’t want to be sold yet another set of orthotics, then think again and come and try us. The only thing you have to loose is further injuries.

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