We have prepared a simple and flexible pricing structure based on a pro-rata hourly rate according to your appointment time and who you see.

Our motto is that you “pay us for our time and professional treatment”.


Professional Treatments:

• Standard Foot care Session £35 – up to 30 mins
• Extended Treatment Session £50 – up to 45 mins
• Gait Analysis & Biomechanical Assessment £65 – up to 60 mins
• Nail cutting service with foot care nurse / hygienist £15

These charges include, consultation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, local treatment and foot care cost. Additional services and costs or charges relating to specialist tests will be discussed in detail beforehand for your informed consent.

Surgical Treatments:

• Cryosurgery ­- Freezing (1 lesion) £45
• Cryosurgery ­- Freezing (multiple lesions) £55
• Nail surgery – one toe £195
• Nail surgery – two toes £295
• Verruca Surgery ­- Dry Needling (1 lesion) £185
• Verruca Surgery -­ Dry Needling (multiple lesions) £250
• Post Surgical follow up & dressing visits £45

These charges include the procedure.
All dressing and medication packs are provided free of charge.

Custom & Semi Custom Devices:

• Over the counter Foot orthoses £12 ­- £25
• Semi­-Custom Foot orthoses £35 ­- £45
• Custom Foot Orthoses £95 ­- £315
• Custom Surgical Footwear from £650
• Footwear ­- comfort and wide fit range Catalogue available
• Foot care products range Catalogue available

We do not offer treatments or sell un­necessary products. We focus on ensuring that you are well informed and have access to the best treatment(s) available to you within your budget. For your peace of mind we offer an exchange, refund and price match guarantee.

We do not process medical insurance claims or accept provider settlement. We ask that all treatments charges are met on the day and for your convenience we accept all forms of physical and electronic payments.

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