FCC visit Pinner Cricket Club as New Sponsors

On Sunday, the 5th, Foot Comfort Centre visited Pinner Cricket Club during one of is colts training session. The day was perfect, it was a warm sunny Sunday. The Club is located in Pinner Green, a charming local park. As soon as we arrived, we noticed a very familiar, healthy and exciting atmosphere. The field was intense green and all members looked willing to train and enjoy the season. They were divided in different groups depends on age and experience. Each group had it own coach according to its needs and in total there were about 60 members between players, relatives, adults and juniors. And just because was Bank Holidays because in a normal training session the club is even more crowded!!!PCC Members
Firstly. Daniel Langan, one of the head coaches, showed as around while he was explaining the club history, the relation with the local community, the different teams, the organization, events and of course he replied all our question about Cricket in itself. Because let´s to be honest, before this day we didn´t know much about Cricket, but it is never too late!

Some of our questions were focused in Cricket Shoes, something that as foot experts is part of our interest, we are really glad because we could fulfill our professional curiosity!!
Most of the attended knew about our visit because Dan announced it through PCC Website a few days before.So, he gathered all the members present in order to introduce us as official sponsors for 2013 and aiming to be known personally by the members.Pinner Cricket Club Logo
Dan explained that we have decided to provide professional support to the players and members in the form of free assessments for all children under 16 years and discounted treatment to adults and he encouraged them to take us up on the offer.
After this warm introduction we answered some questions from the group, something that we really enjoyed because it was so natural and enjoyable.Cricket After that we took a lovely group photo with the Junior Team, Dan and Kam.

We left the Club with a comfortable feeling that we had made a good decision to be part of this team and we are looking forward to our next visit!!

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