Don’t Suffer in Silence

Don’t Suffer in Silence

One of the most common complaints we treat at the Foot Comfort Centre are ingrown toe nails.

These can be very uncomfortable and develop into a painful problem affecting the quality of your life.Gruop of Feet

We find many people put off and delay getting this issue looked at. Too many people suffer in silence.

The good news is the sooner you visit us the sooner we can help you. There are three main ways we can treat ingrown toe nails.

Foot Care– This involves removing the hard skin and the offending portion of the nail. In most cases this provides immediate relief although some cases may require regular treatment.

Nail Surgery– This is a minor operation carried out under local anaestheticto remove the problem part of the nail. Most people are back to the work the next day. In suitable cases this may be the best option as it provides a permanent lifelong cure. For medical reasons this option may not be suitable for some.

Nail Bracing– Similar to dental braces. The brace is applied to the toe nail and over a period of between 6 to 18 months misshapen nail is flattened out and the problem is remedied. At regular periods the nail brace is adjusted as the nail begins to lose its excessive curvature. A common fear is that treatment of any kind will mean you lose the toe nail permanently.This isn’t the case as treatment has advanced rapidly over recent years.Another common worry is that treatment itself will be painful.Rest assured that will not be the case. All treatments can be carried out with minimal discomfort and are often pain free. If you are unsure whether you have an ingrown toenail or are experiencing any other problems with your feet the best advice isto get the issue looked atby a foot care professional.

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VISIT US for a foot MOT every six months. Your feet shouldn’t hurt and we can help you.

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