Cricket Shoes Features. Do you want “Happy and Healthy Feet” during the new season?

As most of you know, one of Foot Comfort Centre aims is prevention. We believe that advice about how to take care of your feet and which footwear to use is the best way to maintain foot health and prevent foot problems.
This time we will speak about Cricket Shoes since the spring sport season has just started and we advised Pinner Cricket Club´s members.
-Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes design has improved to reduce weight, improve cushioning and increase stability. After being unchanged for years, heavy, leather soled shoes should now be a thing of the past.Cricket Shoes 1

The key change has been cricket boots to cricket boots shoes, which build on technology used in running shoes. Look out for artificial leather construction, with breathable mesh and ventilation, locking support for heel and Velcro strapping for extra support. Its import that the shoe flexes at the ball of the foot and not the heel – We will be delighted to assist you.

Extra cushioning comes from modern gel systems and internal padding. But there are no rights or wrongs here, and there’s just no substitute for trying new shoes to see what feels best for you.

The cut of the shoe is important – e, its height up the ankle. Bowlers may want to consider a higher cut to give enough ankle support, while a lower cut is more suitable for batting and fielding. Of course, the cost increases with the technology content, and most players will own only one pair of cricket shoes, so value for money means that there’s a balance to be struck here.

Modern lightweight materials make cricket footwear easier to wear for long periods. However, if you’re a star batsman who spends a long time at the crease you might want to consider adding a little weight to your shoes with a reinforced toe box, as being hit on the toe by a fast cricket ball is no joke.

The design of the soles is just as import as the uppers. Molded soles are best with rounded contours in the area that contact the ground. This is especially true for bowlers, as angular edges give more potential for “turning an ankle as their balance transfers across the foot.

Cricket Shoes 3

The spike material and pattern is equally important. You’ll find options for steel or rubber spikes, combination of steel spikes and PU rubber, and full or half cover of the sole. We favour steel spikes, as rubber spikes never give you enough grip for batting, bowling or fielding. Of course, more steel means more weight, so part-steel in PU rubber mountings are a compromise.

Full or part spike cover might depend on whether the shoes are forspecialist batting or bowling. But for most purposes, full cover is most suitable.

Most modern spikes are easily removable with a simple tool, so its easy to remove them to adapt to the conditions if necessary. Its also good to tighten your steel spikes before each game, as they can become loose or fall out, and its useful to keep a removal tool and a few spare spikes in your cricket bag.

Cricket shoes live in a harsh environment, as do the feet they’re protecting. So, its good to spend time trying on those new shoes to make sure that they’re the best ones for YOU.

We hope that you have found  this information useful. But If you have any question or you fell that you could benefit from a full biomechanical assessment come to visit us at Foot Comfort Centre. We will be delighted to assist you.


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